Company Stages

The startup lifecycle spans idea generation to an eventual exit through an acquisition, initial offering, liquidation, or failure. On the MicroVentures platform, we deal in seed and early-stage as well as late-stage companies.

Seed and early-stage companies are typically seeking capital to invest in product development, building a team of employees, and formalizing customer acquisition strategies. While seed stage companies are focused on product development, early-stage companies typically have a handful of users testing a beta product while fine-tuning their go-to-market strategy and building out sales channels. Our Regulation Crowdfunding offerings and our Regulation D 506 primary offerings are usually in this phase of development.

Late-stage companies have typically demonstrated viability and generally have a well-known product with a strong market presence. Late-stage companies have generally reached a point of positive cash flow generation and have begun to experiment with expanding into tangential markets. Our Regulation D 506 secondary offerings are usually late-stage companies.